Leading in the Age of #MeToo; Understanding Sexual Harassment Solutions in the Modern Workplace

Date March 6, 2018
Location Bridgeview building at South Water Works Community Room
Time 4:30PM - 7:00PM

Sexual harassment hadn't been talked about as much since the 90's with Clarence Thomas, but now that it's almost a daily headline many people are asking do we really understand what that means?

Come join WCREW for an evening presentation & networking event to get clarity on the subject. Andrea Hoeschen, a Shareholder at Thomadsen & Hoeschen, and Cheri Hipenbecker, General Counsel at Knight Barry Title, will be discussing critical differences between “sexual harassment” as a legal term, and its popular usage in the last several months. Along with Andrea & Cheri, Jennifer Dirks, President and CEO of Tempo will be opening up the program with data from a survey Tempo did of their own members, which was recently highlighted in the Milwaukee Business Journal's article on January 8th.

Find out:

  1. how to recognize sexual harassment that affects "terms & conditions of employment".
  2. how to effectively raise concerns on your own behalf.
  3. how workplaces can protect themselves and their employees by having effective and approachable avenues for women/men to bring their concerns to management.
  4. how to be a proactive leader on the matter of sexual harassment, in a way that is good for business and employees.

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